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ACCRU makes identifying the next 10X, 20X or even 100X crypto easy, scanning the market for high yields and high growth tokens so our community can profit.


So how do you ‘make it’ in crypto?

Massive opportunities await those who get into the right project, at the right time. So why don’t you?

The Game's Rigged

Crypto favours the big players and “insiders’, those with the alpha! You? You’re left FOMOing in, someone elses exit liquidity!

There’s 23000+ Tokens!

The big players have infinite resources, researchers harvesting on-chain data and analytics. You have limited time and resources, slim chance of identifying the next 100X

Crypto Is Complex

As the number of chains increases so does the complexity. How do you navigate the many isolated chains, para chains, side chains new layer 0s, 1s, 2s and 3s to find the diamonds in the rough?

The Good News Is, There Is A Solution!

$ACCRU - Your Gateway To Riches

HOLD $ACCRU - get the best of both worlds, passive income and capital appreciation. ACCRU does the hard work of identifying the best tokens so you can sit back and enjoy rewards in $ETH and blue chip crypto. Increasing your interaction with our ecosystem will earn you an even bigger slice of the pie!


F*ck*d Off Missing Out? Don’t Fret! With ACCRU, You Can Say “Goodbye” to FOMO, and “Hello” To A More Rewarding Crypto Experience!



ACCRU delivers 5 real-world revenue streams to make you coin:
1) High Yield from liquidity pools
2) High Returns from investing in vetted projects
3) Juicy Swap fees
4) ETH Looping (NLL) - using collateral to boost returns
5) High risk high reward trading/investing

Holding a minimum of $100 of $ACCRU will give your wallet a weighting so you can enjoy your share of the profits. The higher your wallet weighting, the greater percent of the monthly profit pool you will receive.
Wallet weighting is created via an algorithm. Things like length of time holding, the amount of $ACCRU in your wallet, positive ecosystem interactions and community participation will increase your wallet weighting.

A Cascade Event is when treasury milestones are met, 10% of the treasury is liquidated intermittently and the majority will be airdropped into the top 35% of wallet holders in $ETH. Wallets from the remaining 65% will be airdropped rewards at random. Cascade Events are planned 4 or 5 times a year.

When there is $ETH in the profit pool you will be paid your percent of it provided you hold at least $100 of $ACCRU. Claims can be made via the Dapp.

ACCRU is here to give you an edge over other retail investors. If you want to make bank like an OG, you need professional tech and insights. ACCRU performs the research, sentiment tracking and onchain analysis, to give you exposure to more profitable protocols.

No, there is no buy or sell tax.

We make money from liquidity pools, capital growth, compounding, looping, trading and swap fees.

Yes, we have proprietary tech that incorporates AI and machine learning to aid us in our research and give everyone in our ecosystem a competitive advantage. We use a suite of research products that utilise AI.

Early indicators from our modelling of swap fees and LP’s show an initial APR of 42.3%. This figure doesn’t include capital growth from project investments or Cascade Events so it could be significantly higher.

Ever felt frustrated at missing out on a token as you witnessed its chart going parabolic? You're not alone. Being in ACCRU will greatly increase your odds of being in the token early, as we stay ‘in the know’. At ACCRU we rig the game in your favour, strategically equipping our community with the right onchain data and insights so you're not just playing; you're winning.